AUSFIFA Goal of the Week – Top bins from A-Clark90!

AUSFIFA Goal of the Week – Top bins from A-Clark90!


With the AVPL Preliminary Final all but wrapped up on aggregate, one can only say “why not?” when presented with the opportunity to create a stunning highlight. A-Clark90 has taken that chance with open arms, absolutely nailing it as he earns this week’s GOTW award.

Well out from goal, Pied Piper has a free kick. The defensive mid Adz-Spec lofts the ball into the box, but the only teammate contesting is an AI centre-back.

Nevertheless, with Clark lurking around he calls for a nod down, and he gets just that as the ball is headed back to him. 

His first touch is surprisingly a good one, setting the ball up in mid-flight. Straight in front of him, he laces the ball perfectly across goal, and it’s in off the post! Boy, he sure gave that a bit of violence. Top corner, keeper no chance.

Power, precision, perfection. 

Well done to A-Clark90, who earns this week’s GOTW.

Click here to watch the goal:

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