A-League NEXT – South Melbourne – the case for expansion

A-League NEXT – South Melbourne – the case for expansion


Expansion. An issue that can rouse any Australian football fan into hours of debate, and the team at the Daily Football Show thought we’d facilitate this debate. 

Over the next couple of months, each Wednesday the Daily Football Show team led by Mark van Aken and Adrian Houghton will take a look at an A-League expansion candidate from regions across Australia and New Zealand.

The series, aptly titled ‘A-League NEXT’ will take you from places like Geelong, South Melbourne and Wollongong, to the tropic heights of North Queensland and Ipswich, and across the ditch to Auckland. Every possible case to be heard, we’ll have it covered.

Fifth cab off the rank, and perhaps the biggest to date, South Melbourne!

Director Nick Maikousis joined the boys in the studio to stake South’s claims for the A-League, declaring the club ready to go and suffering as a “A-League team” in a “lifeless NPL competition.”

With Lakeside Stadium locked away for the next 40 years, an existing fan-base and a proud history, are the no-brainers we think they are?

Have a listen and decide for yourself if they’re worthy for the A-League:

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