Liverpool need to reinforce opening day performance at Burnley

Liverpool need to reinforce opening day performance at Burnley


Jurgen Klopp’s new look Liverpool had the perfect beginning to 2016-17 on Sunday night.

To go to the Emirates and get three points, something which the Reds have not done since 2011, was a huge result  and will no doubt be a confidence booster going forward.

The attacking play by Liverpool was superb on the day, especially in the second-half. They moved the ball around fluently and ultimately played Arsene Wegner’s side off the park, but the question remains, can they consistently do it this season?

Philippe Coutinho's brace devestated the Guners
Philippe Coutinho’s brace devestated the Guners

The attacking performance echoed the Merseysiders playing away last season at Manchester City – when they came away 4-1 winners on the day and looked far too quick for their opponents.

Everyone believed then Liverpool had found their true identity and a system that would be replicated week in and week out, but it was not to be the case. The team was far too inconsistent as 2015-16 went on and it hampered their league campaign dramatically, which eventually saw them finish in eighth place.

So, with Burnley on the horizon, it is time Klopp’s men go out and play with the same attacking flair, as they did on the opening day against Arsenal.

It is all good and well playing well here and there, but the best teams do it on a week-to-week basis. If Liverpool want to show they are true contenders for not only the top four, but the Premier League title as well, then a commanding performance is required this weekend at Turf Moor.

The key reason why the Reds should maintain consistency this time around is purely down to the fact they have no European football what so ever. They simply just had too many games to play last season, which played a huge part in not picking up as many points as they would have liked in the league.

They also suffered far too many injuries to key players throughout the campaign, but now with practically one game a week, Klopp will be able to manage his squad and train the players to get them ready for each outing.

Playing with such intensity on the field, they need fewer games. It was clear that the high-pressing and running game played a huge part in several injuries and drained many players as the season went on. Having only domestic commitments will allow them to play with that energy and passion weekly.

Also, they now have a much better side – with the addition of one man in particular, Sadio Mane. He gives the Reds that pace and power they have severely lacked last season and will win a lot of football matches with the individual brilliance he is capable of, just like his goal showed against the Gunners on the weekend.

Mane looks to have slotted seamlessly into Klopp's setup
Mane looks to have slotted seamlessly into Klopp’s setup

That is not to say Liverpool have only made one game changing signing, but you do get the feeling that Mane will be the main one throughout the course of this season.

Defensively though, the side has to improve as the opening round illustrated. It has been the weak link for the past few years and relying on strikers to score more than the opposition will not be sustainable every week for the Reds, especially when trying to be a more consistent side. With a better core of defenders there should not be any doubts that Liverpool will improve their defensive game as the season goes on.

All the above reasons should give fans the confidence that their side can be a consistent team in 2016-17. They will not be the best, but they will for sure give a few teams a scare. In many ways, they are the dark horses of this season’s Premier League.

With the trip to Burnley only days away, Liverpool have a fantastic opportunity to show the footballing world that they can back up what was a very solid opening performance at the Emirates. And, for the sake of their campaign, they have absolutely no choice but to do so.

If they want to win the doubters over early, then there is no better chance than the first-half of the season to make that happen.

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