AUSFIFA Goal of the Week – Prod’s Acrobatic Masterclass!

AUSFIFA Goal of the Week – Prod’s Acrobatic Masterclass!


We’re back for another instalment of Goal of the Week, and this time Aussie_Pr0d1gy takes the honours in daring fashion. 

He starts off the attack from midfield, playing a well-weighted through ball in behind the opposition defence. Arriving on the end of it is his marauding teammate, Dragosz21, who has made a blazing run down the right wing. 

With a man-on coming across, Dragosz does well to knock the ball on to increase the gap, managing to find a bit of space to whip in a cross with his next touch. 

The ball is a good one, albeit a tad overpowered. Prod dashes into the box just in time, and with a bit of ingenuity he executes a breathtaking scissor kick, striking the ball fiercely into the ground, off the post and in! 

Sheer brilliance from Aussie_Pr0d1gy. In what is almost a carbon copy of his previous GOTW achievement, he has pulled off another sensational first-time acrobatic effort to secure this week’s award. 

Click here to watch the goal:

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