AUSFIFA Goal of the Week – Cuadrado’s Silky Run!

AUSFIFA Goal of the Week – Cuadrado’s Silky Run!


It’s time for Goal of the Week, and in this instalment we’ve got something for all of the skillers out there thanks to Blindduality’s mazey run with Juan Cuadrado

The clip begins with the Swiss fullback Lichsteiner intercepting the ball, who quickly plays it forward to Cuadrado. Man on as it arrives, he takes a touch and scoop turns his defender to find space, before ball-rolling to beat and oncoming Ramos.

Making his way into the box with pace, the Colombian keeps the party tricks going, with 1…2…3…4…5 stepovers! Soon crowded by two defenders, he does one more and exits back in, swiftly cutting through the both of them. 

Sergio Ramos comes across to atone for his error, but Cuadrado makes a fool of him for the third time! Flashbacks of Firmino vs Soldado there with that backheel spin. 

A chance to shoot presents itself but he is not finished just yet. With Marcelo and Carvajal on either side he pulls out a fake shot and prop, scoop turning between two slide tackles, before thrashing it high near post to finally complete this tortuous trolling act.

Well done to Blindduality, who gets this week’s pick for GOTW with a fantastic freestyling display.

Click here to watch the goal:

We’ve had many great submissions this week which unfortunately didn’t make the cut, so here is the best of the rest:




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